Who We Are

We are mountain enthusiasts like you. Whether it’s skiing, biking, boarding, hiking or fly fishing, we just love to be in the mountains.
We are a team of Park City professionals, with decades of experience in hospitality management, banking, real estate and investment banking.

In Park City its easy to make friends with anyone. Some of our friends just happen to be Olympic Athletes. Featured in our photos are 3 time Olympian and current Nordic Combined World Champion Billy Demong, Cross Country skier James Southam, Speedskaters Nick and Ann Pearson and Pro Triathlete Kelsey Kooreman.

Our unit photographs were taken by former American Birkebiener winner and Steinbock Racing’s Zack Simons.

We are also gracious hosts and love to play. If you need a guide or just a friend on the mountain or river, give us a call, we would be happy to join you.

How We Are Changing Things
Park City Crash Pads is changing the perception of ski town lodging. We are mountain enthusiasts just like you and when we developed the concept of Park City Crash Pads, we put ourselves in your shoes. We asked ourselves what we needed when we traveled to other destinations. We all concluded we were more concerned about what was “outside” the condo, meaning we were traveling for the experience of the mountains and didn’t need granite counter tops, high end appliances, and fine art on the wall.

But we also determined that we all reached a stage in our lives that we won’t stay in sub-standard properties to save a buck. We developed a set of standards for all Crash Pads and “Park City Crash Pads” was born…

  • Washable Duvet Covers – Everyone at one time or another has paid for a condo and slept on the bed in their sleeping bag because of the condition of the sheets and comforter. That won’t happen in a Crash Pad. All Crash Pads will have washable duvet covers and cleaned before every reservation.
  • Flat Screen Televisions – We like snow on our mountains, but not on our TV’s.
  • 300 Thread Count Linen – In order to get a good night’s rest, you need comfy sheets that don’t scratch. Sleep well in our Crash Pads.
  • iPod Alarm Clocks – It’s nice to wake up to your favorite tune to get you out of bed early to catch First Chair on a big powder day.
  • Great Coffee – Most mountain enthusiasts enjoy their coffee..but it has to be GOOD! All Crash Pads are equipped with premium coffee.

See you on the mountain!